ACEH believes that it is possible to solve homelessness and that solutions should be grounded in accurate information about the individuals who are being served.

As part of an international partnership with Community Solutions and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Anchorage is participating in the Built for Zero movement.  The first phase of this work focused on data and achieving national standards for a Quality By Name List (BNL). The BNL allows us to track inflow into homelessness, outflow into housing, and other mission-critical data points year-round. This is a significant step forward from the historic Point-in-Time (PIT) Count which is a one-time a year data point. (Though Anchorage will still complete the PIT yearly as checks and balances).

Anchorage met national standards for a BNL in November of 2020 and is launching a pilot dashboard. More information about the national Built For Zero initiative can be found here. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the dashboard, scroll down.

We value your feedback. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to improve this tool, please reach out to


Demographic Dashboard

Built for Zero Dashboard

Built for Zero Dashboard Tutorial



Built for Zero Step 1a

The information you will find on this dashboard is updated monthly (usually around the 15th) to ensure that the most accurate data is available.

“ALL CLIENTS GRAPH” Here you can view many different data points. This screen covers all individuals on the By-name-List.

Built for Zero Step 1b


Select a month to view homelessness and housing data in Anchorage for that point in time.

Built for Zero Step 2

Hover anywhere on the graph to view how many individuals were actively experiencing homelessness at that point in time.

(This number represents individuals who interacted with the Homeless Response System in the chosen month. This could be at an emergency shelter, through street outreach, coordinated entry, etc.)


“INFLOW” shows the number of individuals new to the system that had not interacted with the Homeless Response System within the past 2 years.

Built for Zero Step 3

For example, if an individual was homeless 20 years ago but has been stably housed for the last 2 years, they will be considered “NEW TO SYSTEM”.


“RETURNED FROM HOUSED” is someone who was housed and returned from housing within that 2-year period. This includes if they were housed through a provider or if they found housing on their own.

Built for Zero Step 4


“RETURNED FROM INACTIVE” refers to anyone who was not heard from for over 90 days but who engages with the Homeless Response System again within 2 years.

Built for Zero Step 5


“HOUSING PLACEMENTS” refers to anyone who is known to be stably housed either through providers or on their own.

Built for Zero Step 6


“LENGTH OF TIME FROM HOMELESS TO HOUSED” you can view the number of clients housed at a point in time, as well as the “AVERAGE DAYS FROM MINIMUM PROJECT START DATE TO HOUSED” (The first day the individual interacted with the Homeless Response System).

Built for Zero Step 7


“AVERAGE DAYS FROM APPROX. DATE HOMELESSNESS EPISODE STARTED TO HOUSED” will be a self-reported number by individuals experiencing homelessness.

Built for Zero Step 8

This number usually varies from “AVERAGE DAYS FROM MINIMUM PROJECT START DATE TO HOUSED” because anything after 2 years of stable housing is considered a new experience of homelessness.


“OUTFLOW” Is anytime an individual gets into stable housing. The two primary ways are through supported exit or self-resolved.

Built for Zero Step 9a

To go back and narrow down the results to only view specific populations click “Return to homepage” in the upper left. Then select one of the Subpopulations.

Built for Zero Step 9b

This is an overview of the Built-for-Zero Data Dashboard. Please let us know if this was helpful. Email us at

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