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2022 Out of Reach: Facts Overview

A full-time worker must earn at least $25.82 an hour to afford a modest, two-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30% of income on rent. This wage varies from state to state.

Alaska 2022 Housing & Wage Facts

Alaska’s Housing Wage is $24.32 per hour for a modest two-bedroom home at fair market rent and $23.14 per hour for a modest one-bedroom home.

Out of Reach 2022 finds that in no state, metropolitan area, or county can a full-time minimum-wage worker afford a modest two-bedroom rental home, and these workers cannot afford modest one-bedroom apartments in 91% of U.S. counties

U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness: 7 Principles for Addressing Encampments

This document provides a set of principles to help communities as they develop and implement their response to

Answering questions on homelessness

This is a series that the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness created to raise awareness and address common questions and misconceptions surrounding homelessness.

What is functional zero?

Functional zero is a milestone, which must be sustained, that indicates a community has measurably ended homelessness for a population. When it’s achieved, homelessness is rare and brief for that population.

Communities in Built for Zero are confirmed for achieving functional zero using their quality, by-name data, which is updated at least monthly.

The Built for Zero Solution

An integrated, command center team. Key agencies, like the Continuum of Care, the housing authority, local government, and the VA, work together every week toward a shared definition of zero.

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