The Sullivan will be closing soon, but without a clear end date, it's hard for those sheltering there to prepare.


Many extremely vulnerable people will be forced to sleep outside. ACEH has been at the arena to help people plan their next steps and get on the pathway to housing.

Continuing the response, ACEH will be sending outreach teams to camps and meeting folks where they are at. Together with our partners, we will deliver food, aid, basic medical, and other services to connect people to housing.

Housing is limited and is prioritized based on people’s vulnerability. In the past year, several units have come online, with more to come: Complex Care Shelter – 83 beds GuestHouse – 150 units LakeHouse – 45 units Barratt Inn – 96 units, coming soon Housing is the solution.

In our recent housing analysis, ACEH found that Anchorage needs 2,478 housing units to end homelessness today. We need more safe housing, shelter, and services to meet the community’s need.

Gap Analysis 2023

You can make a difference!

We are looking for volunteers to help assemble outreach item kits for those facing unsheltered homelessness. Learn More