In the photo: Jason Cates, Outreach Programs Manager with ACEH, with RurAL CAP, VA, and Henning staff at the Sullivan Arena Friday, April 28.

Outreach Continues!

The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness Outreach team and partners handed out hygiene items, necessities, and sleeping bags to those leaving the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter earlier this week. Without available low-barrier shelter beds, many of our neighbors in transition are forced to camp this summer. The Coalition and our partners will continue to assist our unsheltered neighbors in the coming months.

May Outreach Pop-Up Schedule:

  • Cuddy Park, Tuesdays, 1-4 PM
  • Davis Park, Thursdays, 1-4 PM

There is much the community can do to help!
Advocate for safe shelter and affordable housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. You can also get a group together and make outreach kits on your own! View our “how-to” post by clicking here.