FFY23 HUD Continuum of Care (Coc) Grant Program Competition

The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) is the HUD-designated CoC for the Municipality of Anchorage.

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Anchorage (AK-500) FFY 2023 HUD Continuum of Care Local Competition Intent to Renew Instructions and Form

Projects eligible for renewal will have a grant term end date in 2024

Intent to Renew Due Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023


This form is used to collect information on the specific project for which a renewal application will be submitted. Please complete the following:

Agency: the agency that applies for the project and is listed on the Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW available here – Choose Alaska as the state and download the Excel file for AK500 – Anchorage CoC)

Project Name: the name of this specific project as it appears on the GIW

Project Subrecipient: If there will be no sub-recipient, leave this section blank or enter n/a

Project Address: Enter your agency’s address OR enter the project address if it is different than your agency’s main address OR if this project has scattered locations, enter your agency’s main address and check the box.

Contact Person Information: Some organizations have one person that fills all of the roles listed, others have many. In order to allow us to most efficiently reach the right contact person for any questions that should arise, please complete every section.

Project HUD Funding Request: Please enter the amount you are requesting from HUD, not the entire project amount. This amount should be the same as the amount listed on the GIW.

Application Project Type: Select the same project type as is listed on the GIW. In AK-500, only the following project types are available for renewal: RRH, PSH, TH (LeeShore only), SSO (Nome Nest PSH services only). The project type you select here will determine which questions you will need to answer in PART IV of the renewal application.  For YHDP projects, select Renewal or Replacement.

Consolidation Project: Only check this box if:

1) you are consolidating two or more renewals of the same project type during this application cycle, and

2) you have spoken with someone from ACEH to discuss the process.

Transition Project: Only check this box if:

1) you are transitioning a renewal project from one project type to a different project type during this application cycle, and

2) you have spoken with someone from ACEH to discuss the process.

Unresolved HUD Monitoring or OIG audit findings for HUD grants: If your organization has no HUD monitoring or official federal audit findings for any HUD grants, or if your organization has had findings that were resolved in previous grant cycles, check the NO box. If there are opening findings, check the yes box and attach the details of the finding as well as an explanation of changes your organization has or will make to resolve the issue. Checking YES does not necessarily make your organization ineligible to apply for CoC grant funding.


Sorry. This form is no longer available.