Terria Ware, Senior Director of Policy and System Planning, Jessica Parks, Chief Operating Officer, and Meg Zaletel, Executive Director, together in Parks’ new office.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 25 2023, at 4 PM

During the monthly virtual meeting, please join the Homelessness Prevention & Response System (HPRS) Advisory Council to discuss relevant Anchorage Continuum of Care initiatives and current events.

Date & Time: 4th Thursday of every month, 4:00 PM

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– Meeting ID: 870 7123 1355
– Passcode: 362033

Meeting Agenda
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This meeting will also be recorded for meeting minutes and record-keeping purposes.


“I look forward to working closely with the staff and board of ACEH. I will continue to collaborate with homeless service providers and housing providers to improve the overlay of services and housing. Anchorage needs more housing and services to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness. We know that it is the most cost-effective intervention available to our community.”


Under Parks’ guidance, ACEH will convene people with lived experience, providers, policymakers, and the community to address the needs of our unsheltered neighbors. With the addition of Parks, ACEH is well prepared for the upcoming Notice of Funding Opportunity with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which brings in annual resources for housing and services for vulnerable people.



“Anchorage has made progress on bringing new affordable units online through hotel conversions and I’m excited to continue these efforts with an amazing team.”


During Executive Director Meg Zaletel’s medical leave through August 1, 2023, all responsibilities and duties will be fulfilled by Jessica Parks as Chief Operating Officer and Terria Ware, Senior Director of Policy and System Planning.

ACEH is currently soliciting applications for community members interested in serving on the HPRS Advisory Council. Below you’ll find more information on the structure and role the body will serve for the Anchorage community.

We encourage you to submit your application for consideration by Friday, May 27, 2023.

Apply: HPRS Advisory Council Application

If you have any questions, please contact info@hprsadvisorycouncil.org for more information.  

Please share this opportunity and help us to partner more deeply with the Anchorage community to make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time!