Anchorage is taking part in an initiative exploring how healthcare systems can help reduce and end chronic homelessness.

Overall aim and strategy

Our goal is to make measurable progress toward ending chronic homelessness, with a focus on health care & equity.

Documents & Links

The Foundation


Build sustained belief in and action toward supporting the community to end chronic homelessness Tap for more


Establish processes and priorities for collaboration, measurement of system performance, & governance Tap for more

The Goal

Housing Placements

Increase housing placements and retention rates for those experiencing chronic homelessness Tap for more


Prevent short and long-term inflow of individuals into chronic homelessness Tap for more

The Plan

Holistic System of Care

Work alongside community partners to identify & fill gaps to create an equitable system of care Tap for more

Financial Levers

Establish and build upon financial mechanisms that support the overall system aims for ending chronic homelessness Tap for more

“We saw the role of the complex care shelter as plucking those individuals out of congregate shelter into a place where they can be better served,”

– David Rittenberg, Senior Director of Adult Homeless Services Catholic Social Services 

Case Study, Community Solutions, Institue of Health Improvement, December 16, 2022

In Anchorage, a Complex Care Shelter Supports Medically Vulnerable People Experiencing Homelessness

Within seven months of conceptualization, the Alaska community was able to open the doors of a complex care shelter for their unhoused neighbors who are medically fragile. Continue Reading…

“We’re addressing the complexity behind experiencing homelessness.
There are so many barriers to accessing housing, and one of them is being medically fragile.”

– Dakota Orm, the Healthcare Integration Director of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness

Social Drivers of Health determine quality of life.

Where a person lives, works, learns or plays.

A person's housing status is a Social Driver of Health.

People experiencing homelessness often have a difficult time accessing medical care.

Housing & Health

Pre-existing health conditions are made worse during bouts of homelessness, and many develop complex health issues that require treatment.

Emergency rooms are often the first medical care unhoused & unsheltered individuals receive.

This leads to high costs for care and less personal attention.

Addressing the need.

We are working to improve healthcare access and service delivery for people experiencing homelessness.

Better for individuals, better for Anchorage.

Providing better care for our vulnerable neighbors will save considerable community resources while improving many lives.


What We Do

The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness is the lead agency for the Anchorage Continuum of Care, and in that capacity, we collaborate with stakeholders and the Homeless Prevention & Response System to better support and invest in the health of our unhoused neighbors.

  • Reduce chronic homelessness
  • Advocate for equitable systems
  • Create new partnerships
  • Measure for success
  • Promote transferrable learning
  • Build a dynamic project portfolio

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