What is Project Homeless Connect?

Project Homeless Connect is a one-day, one-stop event to provide housing, services, and hospitality in a convenient one-stop model directly to people experiencing homelessness in Anchorage. It is a way to bring service providers, government agencies, and the general community together to address a problem that affects everyone. The goal is to move from simply managing homelessness towards really ending it. Data from Project Homeless Connect is used to inform local, state and federal efforts to support ending homelessness.

Where has Project Homeless Connect taken place?

Cities of every size from coast to coast have engaged in Project Homeless Connect events. The first one began in San Francisco in October 2004. Today, the event takes place in citys and regional hubs across Alaska, as well as the rest of the United States.  Anchorage has been hosting a Project Homeless Connect event since 2007.

Who participates in Project Homeless Connect?

Project Homeless Connect is a collaborative effort between service providers, government agencies, private sector and the general community. No one entity can do this alone. The entire community is affected by homelessness and it is only the entire community that can end homelessness.

Why participate in Project Homeless Connect?

Project Homeless Connect: Anchorage is about real solutions to a complex problem that results in a stronger community. Our mission is to bring together all sectors of the community to be active members in reducing and preventing homelessness in Anchorage. This model has been used by over a hundred communities and they all report success. Individuals experiencing homelessness are being connected to services quicker, gaining housing, and experiencing an increase in overall quality of life. In addition, by involving the general community, communities are reporting a change in the stigma linked to homelessness. Together can we bring about long lasting, substantive change in Anchorage.

How can you help?

Service Provider or Government Agency: Connect with Project Homeless Connect organizers and ensure your agency is represented at the event. Contact Carma Reed.

Private Sector: Project Homeless Connect is a great way to get your employees involved in a community event. If you provide a service that could be of benefit to individuals who experience homelessness (i.e. haircuts, clothing, food), we want to ensure your agency is represented. In addition, we accept donations. For more information, contact Alan Budahl.

General Community: Come out and volunteer! This event requires hundreds of volunteers. Contact Heidi Hill.

2021 Project Homeless Connect

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