Emergency Housing Vouches Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Emergency Housing Vouchers?

Anchorage was allocated 97 vouchers.  In the winter of 2022, ACEH and community partners hosted a housing fair at the Sullivan Arena Mass Care Congregate Shelter. At the fair, the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness and community partners collected over 130 referral packets for clients.

Currently, the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness has more referral packets than community providers and is still accepting community referrals.

  • We ask community providers to stress to clients that a referral will not likely result in voucher issuance.
  • It is important that we use as many vouchers as we can, as quickly as possible.

Send a referral packet to the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness:

    • Please don’t sign the referring provider line.
    • Please only fill out the homelessness verification section.
    • Please contact client@aceh.org for TA assistance in completing the packet.
  • The voucher is good for 9 years and can be used anywhere in the country.
  • The voucher is based on FMR and client income.
Who provides the Emergency Housing Vouchers?

The voucher applications are submitted to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) according to Coordinated Entry prioritization and are subject to AHFC has program requirements.

    What is the process to receive a Emergency Housing Voucher?

    Step 1:

    Community providers send the attached referral packet to the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH).

    Step 2:

    ACEH confirms that the client is on the coordinated entry list.

    • If they are not, ACEH has contacted providers and asked them to help the client contact an Access Point.
    • Clients must have an active CE assessment to qualify.

    Step 3:

    ACEH sends referrals to AHFC following the CE prioritization criteria.

    • Because the slots are filled up, we’ve been sending the referrals as slots open.

    Step 4:

    AHFC confirms the referral and opens the client’s online portal.

    Step 5:

    ACEH and /or community case managers assist the client in filling out the online application.

    • We would love additional help locating clients and completing applications! The online application takes 20 minutes and is easy to do!
      • Contact client@aceh.org if your organization has the capacity to assist us.

    Step 6:

    AHFC confirms the application and schedules clients for the EHV class.

    Step 7:

    ACEH/ community case managers work with clients to attend the class

    • The client completes an online class
      • We highly recommend that a case manager or advocate assist the client in completing the class.
      • Class videos can be started and stopped at the client’s convenience.
      • Completion certificates should be uploaded to the client’s rent cafe.

    Clients must attend the class to receive a voucher.

    • After the documents are uploaded and the class, the clients receive their vouchers.
    • Clients with pre-identified case managers work to shop for housing.
    • Clients without case managers are assigned case managers or shop on their own.
      • Please contact client@aceh.org to find out more.
        • If your organization has the capacity to assist clients with shopping, please let us know. Your organization may be able to bill certain activities against the voucher.
            Why are Emergency Housing Vouchers not available to everyone?

            The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) fills open referral slots according to Coordinated Entry prioritization to maintain equity. ACEH ultimately does not decide who receives a voucher, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation must ensure that clients meet their program requirements.

            More Information

            Contact client@aceh.org with specific questions and the most updated information on Emergency Housing Vouchers.

            What is Coordinated Entry?

            Coordinated Entry prioritizes referrals based on need and vulnerability instead of functioning on a first-come-first-serve basis, while also accounting for the various eligibility criteria of participating housing programs. Coordinated Entry is not a “waitlist.”

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