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Mar 25, 2021 | Domestic Violence

Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis (AWAIC) and statewide agencies that support safety and provide services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault face devastating cuts with less than 90 days’ notice. The expected loss for Anchorage in AWAIC’s award is $540,000.

What does this mean for Anchorage and AWAIC?

• A major reduction in staff at AWAIC resulting in reduced services for survivors of domestic violence.
• Fewer beds available for victims with high lethality (the likelihood an abuser will attempt/commit murder). AWAIC is the only emergency shelter in Anchorage specifically for people fleeing domestic violence.

How can you help?

– The Alaskan House Finance Committee is meeting this week about the operating budget. Consider sending an email stating your support of AWAIC and agencies that serve survivors. AWAIC services are vital to the Anchorage community. Advocate for solutions to this devastating loss of funding. Send emails to house.finance@akleg.gov.

Please take 5 min today and help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by sending an email to the House Finance Committee! Even a short message helps.

Contact Suzi Pearson at suzi_p@awaic.org for more information.

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