ACEH Weekly Digest: 6/16/2021

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ACEH Weekly Digest for 6/16/2021 

Please reach out to communications@aceh.org if you have questions, suggestions or resources you would like to share in the weekly digest.

2021 Point in Time Count and Quality By Name List Announcement

Every January, communities across the nation conduct a count of people experiencing homelessness on a single night. This is called the Point in Time count (PIT) and is a way to track annual trends in partnership with Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Due to COVID-19, it was not required in 2021. The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH), collected information for the 2021 PIT to better understand the impacts of COVID-19 on homelessness and changing community needs.
View the full press release here: PIT Count and Quality by Name List

Homeless Prevention & Response System Advisory Council Monthly Meeting

Join us for the Homeless Prevention & Response System Advisory Council Meeting at 4 PM on Thursday June 24, 2021

View the full meeting details and agenda here

Alaska ARPA

The American Rescue Plan Act Resource Guide

The Alaska Municipal League, in partnership with Foraker and others, has created a website that provides an extensive summary of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) resources relevant to Alaskans, tracking funds coming in as well as grant opportunities.

View ARPA recourses here: https://alaskaarpa.org  

National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) Updates


New IRS Tool Can Be Used to Access Stimulus Checks

A new IRS tool now makes it easier for people experiencing homelessness to access stimulus checks. 

The Non-filer Sign Up Tool is designed to help eligible individuals and families who don’t normally file income tax returns:  

  • claim Child Tax Credits granted under the American Rescue Plan; 
  • register for the $1,400 third round of Economic Impact Payments; and 
  • claim the Recovery Rebate Credit for any amount of the first two rounds of Economic Impact Payments they may have missed. 

This tool addresses a major obstacle to accessing payments for people experiencing homelessness, as well as those in housing programs. Providers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with it as soon as possible. 

National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) Updates

$1.1 Billion in Emergency Housing Vouchers Awarded to 626 Communities  

As part of funds allocated in the American Rescue Plan, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced the first tranche of Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) awardees, totaling $1.1 billion.  
Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and Continuums of Care (CoCs) must enter into a Memorandum of Understanding no later than July 31, 2021 in order to:  

  • Outline the partnership between the PHA and CoC 
  • Determine services that will be offered and how they will be paid for 
  • Detail prioritized populations and referral processes 
  • Delineate responsibilities and roles for the CoC and PHA 

CoCs are encouraged to reach out to PHAs as soon as possible to being this planning.  
Download list of EHV awardees >>> 
Learn more about how to use EHVs >>>

House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Universal Vouchers

The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on June 9 titled “Universal Vouchers: Ending Homelessness and Expanding Economic Opportunity in America.” The hearing addressed the need to make Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) universally available. Witnesses offered testimony and answered questions about the need for universal housing vouchers and source-of-income (SOI) protections for voucher holders; improvements to the HCV program; and investments in affordable housing supply. The panel addressed how expanding rental assistance to every eligible household would help end homelessness and address racial disparities in housing and homelessness. View full NLIHC article here 

Watch a recording of the hearing at: https://youtu.be/WPIWWZgjzxA

Read a discussion draft of the “Ending Homelessness Act” at: https://bit.ly/3gqDfSZ

NLIHC’s fact sheet on the “Ending Homelessness Act” is available at: https://bit.ly/2SuQLx9

Read a discussion draft of the “Stable Families Act” at: https://bit.ly/3xhUCfR

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Updates

New Resources for DCTA Recipients and Smaller Distressed Communities

This library of resources, relevant to Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) recipients and smaller distressed communities, features COVID-19 pandemic response resources as well as general resources. Check back regularly for new resources and information!
The following resources are the newest webinars, reports, and other information available on the DCTA Program Resources page.


HUD Reinstates Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule  

HUD published an interim final rule on restoring the Fair Housing Act’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requirement. Under this rule, HUD funding recipients must identify fair housing concerns locally and commit to remedying them.  

The interim final rule will go into effect on July 31, 2021. HUD will take comments for 30 days after publication, and may act on them prior to the effective date of the rule. 

Learn more about Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing >>>  

Outreach Updates

The next mobile vaccination clinic with Visit Healthcare is this Friday, June 18th at Barnes and Noble from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Outreach staff will be assisting on the ground as vaccines are administered.

Reminder: The next Outreach Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd at 10 AM.

Please reach out with any questions or comments: jrutz@aceh.org 907-312-9478

Case Conferencing and Coordinated Entry Training

If you have any questions about these meetings or are interested in coordinated entry access point training for you or your team, please contact Mac at mlyons@aceh.org 
View up-to-date access points on our website: www.aceh.org

If you have thoughts or suggestions, we want to hear from you. Please let us know what you think. Email us at communications@aceh.org 

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