Executive Director
Director of Operation

Tahnee Conte-Seccareccia
Director of Finance & Administration
Owen Hutchinson
Director of Communications & External Relations
Sasha Zimmerman
Communications Specialist
Anne Murray
Coordinated Entry Manager
Dakota Orm
Healthcare & Homelessness Project Manager
Helen Renfrew
Research & Policy Analyst
Mac Lyon
Transition Coordinator
Josef Rutz
Transition Coordinator


Chair Nathan Johnson, Providence St. Joseph Health
Vice-Chair Judith Crotty, Wells Fargo 
Treasurer Jacob Lyon, Premier Alaska Tours
Bill Falsey, Municipality of Anchorage
Carlette Mack, Covenant House Alaska
Katie Scovic, Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Niki Tshibaka, State of Alaska, Department of Education & Early Development




Development and implementation of ACEH’s annual communications plan including community education, local/state/federal advocacy, and ad hoc responsive communications to specific events


Addresses development needs for the Anchorage HPRS sharing identified policy and funding needs with stakeholders and partners


Develops and implements ACEH’s annual budget, Monitors the financial health of ACEH, reviews financial policies; provides analytical summary of financial matters to Directors


  • Community Prioritization Committee: The Homeless Prevention & Response System Community Prioritization Committee supports the annual Anchorage Gap Analysis and Anchorage Community Prioritization process, including implementation of Anchored Home and additional identified community initiatives, to include engaging individuals with lived homelessness experience in the development and implementation of priorities and engaging front-line staff to support co-development.  
  • Compliance Committee: The Homeless Prevention & Response System Advisory Council Compliance Committee is responsible for the Oversight of community policy and procedures, HUD compliance oversight and overall compliance oversight for local, state or federal funding streams. The Committee also monitor and facilitates annual review of Continuum of Care (CoC) community standards and policies related to the Homeless Prevention & Response System.
  • Data Committee: The Homeless Prevention & Response System Data Committee is responsible for the overall data strategy and monitoring of related community initiatives. The Committee will be comprised of members able to analyze and interpret data. The Committee will monitor trends and share the analysis with the entirety of the Homeless Prevention & Response System Advisory Council, focusing on the HUD System Performance Measures and Built for Zero data.



Homeless Prevention & Response System Advisory Council Council Members (2020-2021)

Lisa Aquino (Catholic Social Services)
Roger Branson (Alaska Community Integrity)
Sharon Chamard (University of Alaska Anchorage)
Mike Courtney (Alaska Housing Finance Corporation)
Laura Cox-Wilson (NeighborWorks Alaska)
Charles Gorman (Department of Veteran Affairs)
Sherrie Hinshaw (Volunteers of America Alaska)
SJ Klein (Mountain View Community Council)
Nicole Lebo (Anchorage Health Department)
Chair Carlette Mack (Covenant House)
Dave Mayo-Kiely (Anchorage School District)
Sid McCausland (Retired)
Jessica Parks (Rural Alaska Community Action Program Inc.)
Suzi Pearson (Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis)
Jonathan Pistotnik (Anchorage Reentry Coalition)
Lisa Sauder (Beans Café)
Ruth Schoenleben (NineStar Education & Employment Services)
Vice-Chair Katie Scovic (Municipality of Anchorage)
Sophie Tidler (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium)
Meg Zaletel (Anchorage Assembly)



A.A.A.A. Four A’s
Access Alaska Inc.
Alaska Behavioral Health
Alaska Community Integrity
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Alaska Legal Services Corporation
Anchorage Communal Homeless Village
Anchorage Health Department
Anchorage Housing Initiatives
Anchorage Public Library
Anchorage School District
Bean’s Café Inc
Catholic Social Services (CSS)
Choices Inc.
Choosing Our Roots
Christian Health Associates
Conceptual Container Designs
Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Covenant House Alaska
Denali Family Services
Disability Law Center of Alaska
Habitat for Humanity
Lutheran Social Services
Mountain- Pacific Quality Health
Municipality of Anchorage
NAMI Anchorage
Neighborworks Alaska
New Hope Compassionate Ministries
Nine Star Education and Employment Services
Partners for Progress
Shiloh Community Housing Inc
South Central Foundation
The Arc of Anchorage
The Aurora House
UAA College of Health, Division of Population Health Sciences
United Way of Anchorage
Volunteers of America (VOA)


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Jim Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Lisa Aquino
Steve Ashman
Roger Branson
Nancy Burke
Krystal Campbell
Holly Cannon
Jonathan Cannon
Sharon Chamard
Janet Colón
Judith Conte
Mike Courtney
Judith Crotty
Charles Gorman
Monica Gross
Maureen Haggblom
Lesa Hollen
Camilla Hussein
Nathan Johnson
John Kim
SJ Klein
Dave Kuiper
Ptery Lieght
Jacob Lyon
Carlette Mack
Dave Mayo-Kiely
Sid McCausland
Tom Mcgrath
Beverly Metcalfe
Karola Moore
David Moxley
Susan Pearson
Kenny Petersen
Elaine Phillips
Natasha Pineda
Gayle Quinn
Robyn Rehmann
Rosa Salazar
Lisa Sauder
Ruth Schoenleben
Katie Scovic
Marcie Sherer
Trevor Storrs
Sophia Tidler
Leonard Trenton
Niki Tshibaka
Hank Wentz
Beth Wilson
Eric Wohlforth
Meg Zaletel